Chris Hadfield; A Giant Amongst Men

It was 1969 when David Bowie first sang the words to his song Space Oddity. In 2013, Chris Hadfield, a former Canadian astronaut who worked extensively with NASA and was Commander of the International Space Station, sang and recorded a music video of the same song while in orbit (making him the first person to do this). The same words are resoundingly different as Hadfield actually sings them from space.

While on the Soyuz spacecraft during Expedition 34, Hadfield sang and recorded Bowie’s Space Oddity as he neared his final glimpse of the world. As I watch the first few seconds of Hadfield’s video, I immediately feel overwhelmed with emotion. This is a mix of listening to Hadfield’s voice, the powerfully stunning images of earth and space and the very image of a big, blue earth behind Hadfield as he sits in front of the ship’s window singing “here am I sitting in a tin can, far above the earth.”

Hadfield is definitely a man unlike any other. His artistic endeavors led him to the recording of his music video cover of Space Oddity. He has a long list of accomplishments. Along with being an astronaut he is an author, a musician, a former fighter pilot for the Royal Canadian Airforce, flown two space shuttle missions, has two space walks under his belt and was the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station before retiring in May 2013. He is like a beautiful giant among giants. He is very likeable that you’d want to see his videos more than once and you’d be okay with that.

Hadfield has built a notable connection with people from around the world. That connection can be attributed to the fact that he connects with people in the way that most people connect with each other today; through social media. Not to mention the musical connection. Hadfield was labeled as the most social media savvy astronaut for this reason. He has a community of followers on Reddit and youtube. He has quite a remarkable presence and such a passion for what he does it is impossible not to like him.

 Hadfield has plenty of other videos depicting the life of an astronaut. None convey a spiritual awareness as much as his Space Oddity. Watching Hadfield float around in space is a reminder of this huge, inimitable and limitless wonder. It furthers fascination for the unknown out there in that beautiful vacuum of space. And how can we not think of ourselves as tiny, insignificant beings against a vast, endless background? The video will definitely encourage you to search into a depth of yourself and/or your soul for something more profound than what you’ve been experiencing for one day. Perhaps, this is Hadfield’s intention? If not, I’d say he does this quite well.


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