Where to Find Just the Right Font for Your Project


When you’re planning a design for a project, you have literally thousands of fonts to choose from… many more than you’ll ever need or want to use as a DM designer. The “old standards” like Times and Helvetica became standards because they work effectively without drawing attention to themselves.

But their familiarity is also their downside. Using less-familiar fonts can add a sense newness to your design. So it makes sense to keep up to date on what’s available – even if you’re not ready to buy.

Try to look at as many different fonts as possible. But remember that in DM graphic design, you don’t want to use anything too wild or self-conscious. Many font sites offer free resources – such as veer.com’s Flont technology (http://www.veer.com/flont/) that lets you test thousands of fonts. It’s easier to choose the right one when you can see it in your own words.

Other good font sites are:

On Adobe’s site, you can browse fonts by the way they’re used – as headlines, body text, etc. This is a very helpful feature.

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By Kammy Thurman


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