A Million Little Lights

Alight Promos is a light-up promotional products company whose main focus is to provide lights for large event promotions such as concert venues, sports arenas, nightclubs, and corporate events. Their success primarily comes from B2B phone and email sales, however their image was never established to be able to promote online. 

New branding, design, and web development were required for this project. In working closely with the company owners at AP, we developed a fresh, new look that spoke to its corporate and party-oriented clients.

The Approach

Over several creative meetings discovering what message the company wanted to convey with their look, the decision ended up being a black, cutting-edge design for the company’s new logo and a high-tech typeface to match, set on a clean white website. The final touch was in the product they sell, multicolored led’s, which bring both a futuristic and instantly exciting feel to the site. The brand colors themselves became ALL colors, considering the RGB of the led’s. In print and online, there is a color-change effect to key design elements.

The Takeaway

The outcome ended up being a great success. We brought out what’s beautiful about the products by using subtleties in design that enhance the user experience without being overwhelming. Now, when someone visits Alight Promos, they sit for a minute and enjoy what’s on the screen, which has turned into conversions and lower bounce rates.