Kids Educational Toys

Amazeko’s mission is to create school supplies that not only offer quality and performance, but that also have the ability to amaze a child in their most formative years. Combining imagination with education and organization, Amazeko brings children the opportunity to learn and perform while being entertained.

The idea with Amazeko was to be simple, clean, and easily inviting to parents and educators coming to the site to find what they need. Being a new company, all content, products, and identity had to be developed from scratch. With careful guidance and clear communication, the company’s image became exactly what they were looking for.

The Approach

The initial challenge was to create a very user-friendly environment for the company to update their content regularly. This required building an eCommerce site that had easy plug-and-play capabilities. With all the right tools in place and some consultation, the company was set up for success.

Content creation then became the ongoing need. New model and product photography was taken and after several shoots and some proper creative direction, we had a full set of assets to work with, including compositions and video. 

The Takeaway

Amazeko had a very simple and specific idea of what they wanted from the start, which made it easier to create. Overall, the preparation took longer than the execution. With consistent contact and clear ideas presented, this project went smoothly from beginning to end.