Furniture as Art

DanskDøme is a Danish furniture company set in Agoura Hills, whose core belief is that furniture should be for form as much as function. With their brand platform being that furniture is art, the idea was set and the entire project was based around this concept.

In working with the team at DanskDøme, we carefully created the image they wanted to exude with elegance, craftsmanship, Danish design principles, and an American perspective to tie it all together. From identity and photography, to web development and brand messaging, Minds Unfold had the opportunity to build this company’s web presence from the ground, up.

The Approach

The challenge set was to accomplish this goal with an elegant look all throughout. This meant not only redesigning the site with a new look and logo, but also rebuilding it with a new eCommerce platform that was more intuitive and user friendly. It also meant bringing new life to the company’s products with higher quality photography.

With greater attention to each image, each product description, and all messaging, the company’s image began taking shape. Going into studio space to photograph all new furniture pieces also provided the opportunity to elevate the company’s image to “elegant” by using the unique features of each piece as design elements and finer product detail.

The Takeaway

Over a 3 month time frame, the team at DanskDøme developed a clear vision of what they wanted and the end result became what they had hoped for. The same craftsmanship that presents itself in their Live Edge tables and Mid-Century furniture also comes through in the quality of their brand.