Be the Light of the Party

Flashing Blinky Lights is a light-up party supply company based in the San Fernando Valley. Their key focus is as their slogan states, Be the Light of the Party — to add fun to any event just by walking into the location and attracting the crowd. Bringing this idea to life through the company’s identity and brand dressing was the key to its success.

This journey has taken 8 years and is still going strong. Developing the company’s culture, brand, image techniques, and web presence began with high quality photography and design. Honing in on the community around “glow” helped bring FBL into a new spotlight, captivating audiences of all ages.

The Approach

The initial challenge for FBL was elevating the company’s image. This meant entire image overhauls and all new photography and editing techniques. Over time, there was an in-house art department growing, with procedures evolving and design guidelines created. As the production side of the art department started taking hold, the website was being developed and improved simultaneously. From switching to a newer platform to multiple redesigns over the years, the site is now at a point where the main framework is set to be modular for regular updates.

As the company’s brand and web presence became established with yearly catalog models and a mascot, new marketing design was also being created on a regular basis. This included new model and product photography for compositing. Over the last 8 years, three photo studios have been built and an auxiliary studio has been set up for video productions and creative photography. A new showroom is also being designed for visiting clientele.

The Takeaway

As long as FBL’s progress has taken to get to where it is today, it is not finished by any means. So many new ideas appear before us to constantly strive for the next thing to design with lights. It’s amazing to think that the creative process can come easy when you’ve taken hold of something and have a solid grasp on its history and where it can go in the future.